A Few of the Most Common Kinds of X-Ray Markers

Radiographers inevitably have many different responsibilities to see to, none of which can ever be overlooked. While the work can certainly be difficult, radiation technologists who have access to the right selection of tools tend to perform the best.

Suppliers like kempermedical.com make it easy to acquire whatever a radiographer might need to succeed at a challenging job. Being able to quickly order a suitable set of X-ray markers, for example, can make the work of a radiographer much easier.

A Wide Variety of X-Ray Markers Available at All Times

Every X-ray image taken today is meant to be marked, at the very least, with indicators that highlight which side of the body each part corresponds to. Failing to do so can result in dangerous diagnostic errors and even in surgical mistakes.

X-ray markers that include lead elements which block the transmission of radiation are most commonly used for this purpose. Sources like kempermedical.com offer a variety of products that radiographers can order to make sure of always seeing to this duty:

Solid colors. Many markers consist of nothing more than two solid-colored blocks, one of which imprints a large "L" and the other a similarly sized "R." By convention, the "L" block will be colored blue and the "R" block red, in order to make a mistake in application less likely. In some hospitals, only blocks of this simplest design will ever be used.

Patterns and enhancements. There are also products that go beyond these basics to enable a more personal touch. Markers that include tie-dye coloring or distinctive glitter can help radiographers keep track of their own personal supplies.

Initials and other personalization. In many facilities, radiographers are required to add their own initials to each X-ray they take. Customized markers that include this identifying information along with the standard "L" and "R" designations make this much simpler.

Making Challenging, Important Work a Little Easier

Having so many options allows radiographers to be sure of obtaining the supplies they need to carry out an important duty. This relatively simple precaution helps prevent many medical mistakes every year and is one that enhances the already considerable value that radiology provides to patients.

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